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Our Investment Beliefs


Sloane Ortel

Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Ethical Capital.

Our investment beliefs spring straight from our mission, pervade our process, and help us pursue safe passage through the perpetually uncertain investment landscape.

In that sense, they serve as a foundation for our long-term investment goals while ensuring that we make consistent investment decisions that mitigate risk, manifest impact, and maximize the long-term stability of our portfolios.

We believe that:

  • Active management is the only way to effectively fulfil an ethics-first investment mandate.
  • Businesses associated with preventable harm to living things are identifiable, avoidable, and likely to underachieve over long time horizons.
  • Creative synthesis of ethical and fundamental data uncovers opportunities to align capital with companies as they compound their contributions to society.
  • Embedded controls to promote long-term thinking and analysis are a necessary precondition for delivering acceptable results over multiple economic cycles.
  • Focused, high-conviction portfolios are superior to more diversified alternatives for long-term investors with an ability to deeply understand each underlying asset. 

It will be difficult to avoid delivering differentiated results to our clients over time if we stay true to these beliefs.

Our unique approach to long-term investing, ethical screening, and integration of diverse viewpoints places our research process significantly outside the norm.

We see this fundamental strangeness as a sustainable competitive advantage, and have found that the individuals and institutions that are best suited to working with us tend to agree.

In addition to that, our principal competitive advantages come from:

  • The ethical alignment we share with our clients, which allows us to stay firm in our moral convictions.
  • Our unique process, which embeds significant risk controls into our regular course of business.
  • Our long-term outlook, which allows us to look past day-to-day volatility with patience and confidence.
  • Our relationships with the investment community, which allow us to regularly access the skill and experience of collaborators outside our organization.
  • Relentless focus on total portfolio outcomes, which allows us to remain focused on what actually matters to clients.

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